Strategic Plan


Provide customers safe, reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy.


Connecting customers and energy to power Cowlitz County’s future.

Through our Strategic Planning process, Cowlitz PUD prioritized the following initiatives for the coming years in accordance with our mission and vision:

  1. Resource Planning
    Ensure an adequate and reliable power supply to meet the electric load requirements and clean energy obligations of Cowlitz PUD and the community.
  2. System Reliability and Security
    Develop and manage Cowlitz PUD’s assets and planning tools to ensure a high level of electric reliability, physical and cyber security and safety.
  3. Business Efficiency
    Implement business systems to achieve efficient use of Cowlitz PUD’s resources.
  4. Engagement
    Cowlitz PUD will communicate, educate, and engage with its employees, customers, and stakeholders to maintain positive relationships and prepare for future change.